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WatchTV Everwhere


SCH subscribers can now watch television programs for free from smartphones, tablets, computers and just about anywhere else with Watch TV Everywhere! Follow the steps below to sign up.
STEP 1 — Go to Click "Register" to create your Watch TV Everywhere account. Fill out the form using your information.
o You will need your SHC account number.
o Enter the account name exactly how it appears on your account.
STEP 2 — Once registered, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you entered on the registration form. Follow the instructions in that email to activate your account. 
STEP 3 — After you register, you can access Watch TV Everywhere two ways:
- OPTION 1 - Go to and login using your username (email address) and password. From here you'll see the available networks.

- OPTION 2 - Download your favorite networks' apps on your tablet, laptop, smartphone or go directly to the network's website. Select South Holt Cablevision as your provider and then enter your username and password.

If you plan to use a smartphone to Watch TV Everywhere please know this will transmit a lot of data so please be aware of your data policy to avoid a surprise on your next bill. Quality of service depends on the speed of your connection. For example, a weak cell or wi-fi signal could affect your quality of service.

Watch TV Everywhere may not work on all devices and may not be available on all networks carried.